Dec 4, 2011 Schooners


Nova Scotia Schooners is a half hour documentary that explores the resurgence of interest that has taken place during the past decade in these traditional wooden vessels.

The documentary tells the story of four different schooner owners and reveals how each of them is keeping the spirit of these majestic sailing vessels alive. Viewers will witness the rebuilding of the Canadian sailing icon Bluenose II and share in the celebration during the 50th annual Nova Scotia Schooner Association race week.

The film goes inside the world of these wooden vessels and reveals why wooden schooners - once on the verge of extinction - are going stronger than ever.

Nova Scotia Schooners was directed by writer, actor, musician, and sailor Tom Gallant who has owned the schooner Avenger for more than 30 years.

Bluenose II webcam

Nova Scotia Schooner Association website

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