Jun 6, 2010 Wood or Nothing

Wood or Nothing

His father told him he'd starve to death building wooden boats. That was over 50 years ago, and Henry Vokey is still building.

For Henry, it's wood or nothing. And it's believed he's built more wooden boats than anyone else on Newfoundland island.

For years, Henry had a shipyard in Trinity. At one time, he was one of Trinity's biggest employers. The yard closed in the late '80's, but the work continued. Henry just moved to his shed beside his house and continued to build.

He's just shy of 80 now, and his hands are crippled with arthritis...still, every morning, the boat shed is where you'll find Henry Vokey. Every morning except Sundays.

Over the years, Henry's built wooden boats of all kinds...punts, motor boats, longliners...and now, he plans to build a schooner. The schooner will be the last of her kind in Newfoundland...and Henry Vokey's legacy.

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