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The Road Ahead

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Reports from Peter Cowan on Labrador Morning and Here & Now, as well  Special Reports and interviews on "Radio Noon" and "On the Go". You'll find Blog Entries on  from Peter and our French collegue Vanessa Racine. They spent a week travelling the Trans Labrador Highway and they are sharing their stories with you.inukshuk.jpg

And check here for daily  audio updates on  "The Road Ahead"


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The team:


Vanessa Racine - Radio Canada, Sept Iles 

Mathieu Thériault - Radio Canada , St. John's 

Peter Cowan  - CBC Happy Valley Goose Bay



The Road so far . . .


The sound of tires on a gravel road.For some that brings thoughts of dust, broken windshields and flat tires. But for many people in Labrador that's the sound of freedom.This year the first time the south coast of Labrador is connected to the rest of Labrador and North America byCartwright.jpg road.This week we're bringing you a series of stories we're calling The Road Ahead.The CBC's Peter Cowan spent a week Peter Cowan _001.jpgtravelling the road and talking to people about what the connection means to them. He's in the studio with Cindy Wall.

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The Road Ahead......Lots of people are now travelling the newly connected trans Labrador highway....from Labrador City all the way to Lanse Au Clair. More traffic is good for business, Christopher's Trucking.jpgespecially those that offer basic services like gas stations and hotels. But other business people are capitalizing on the new opportunities that a new road brings. Labrador Morning's Peter Cowan has their story.

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Long Liners.jpgIt's not just Labradorians who are taking advantage of the newly connected trans Labrador highway.

We're continuing our series "The Road Ahead" with a look this morning at tourism.

Tour Bus .jpgPeter Cowan tells us how the road is attracting people from around the world but getting here is still a challenge.

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Blanc Sablon.jpgAll this week we've heard how the trans labrador highway has meant great things for people in Labrador.

But there is a group of Quebecers who are also praising the new connection.For years people in Blanc Sablon and other radio station.jpgcommunities on the lower north shore have been isolated.

And the trans labrador highway has helped change that. During his trip Peter Cowan made a visit to Blanc Sablon and talked to people who live there.He's in the studio with Cindy Wall.

.....and we take you to  other end of the road Western Labrador. People there used to drive all the way down through Quebec and the Maritimes just to get to Nfld.
 The new highway  changed the travel plans of many this past summer. Mike Power spoke with two of them...the first travelled the highway before phase 3 wasn't quite finished.... and we hear from people in Labrador West..What do they think of the road?

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Labrador sign.jpgAll this week we've been talking about how the trans larador highway is connected.People now have the option to drive, communities are no longer isolated. But for a lot of people, the road is still far from being complete.In our last segment in "the road ahead" we're going to look at where to go from here, from pavement to communications to the idea of a tunnel.

Peter Cowan  is in our studio with Cindy Wall..

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For more Road Ahead visit  for video and blog entries by Peter and Vanessa .


Photos: Vanessa Racine & Peter Cowan