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RAF Vulcan Bomber

VulcanAndGraham.jpg Graham Moorehouse alongside RAF Vulcan It’s got to be one of the most distinct-looking aircraft in the world. The Avro Vulcan. The wide-winged bomber was designed for Cold War combat. Anyone who’s been to the airport at 5 Wing Goose Bay since 1982 knows what the Vulcan looks like. Thirty-one years ago today, a Vulcan was put on display in front of the airport. The plane was originally bound for the United States. But a fire in the cockpit forced the Vulcan to land in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, instead. The plane was unsalvageable, so the RAF donated it to the town as a symbol of friendship. Graham Moorhouse has worked on dozens of planes in Labrador… and around the world. He met up with Labrador Morning’s Bailey White at the Vulcan in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

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