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Remembering "Uncle Jim" Andersen

Jim Andersen_fiddle.jpgUncle Jim Andersen - Tony Dawson Photo

Labrador lost quite a gentleman yesterday, with the passing of Mr Jim Anderson of Makkovik. Uncle Jim, as he was fondly called, lived a full life…..taking joy in everything around him….from the people to the surroundings…to the daily events in the community. He captured them all through his photography. His pictures, taken over the course of sixty years, have been recognized as a valuable piece of work that has helped preserve the changing way of life in Northern Labrador. In 2008 Uncle Jim had his own exhibition at the Rooms…then a year later won the Arts Council’s Rogers Arts Acheivement award for his photographs. Reg Windsor is the groups executive Director:, we hear from him.

In 2006 Uncle Jim was a guest artist at the Labrador Creative Arts Festival in Happy Valley Goose Bay….Tony was still working for telvision then, and followed Uncle Jim through some of his work with the students…..for a story on Here & Now.

Uncle Jim didn’t just stand on the side lines and take pictures…he was very much part of the vibrant life in his community and was an active and eloquent participant in elders conferences into his nineties……Alex Saunders has helped organize those meetings he was on the phone , as well as Long Time CBC Host and friend of Uncle Jim… Gord Rendall

Uncle Jim took pleasure in the day to day events and traditions in his community. It was just this past Christmas that he called us to tell us about the way Christmas Eve used to be for him as a child in Makkovik…. Singing and playing music was an important part of life for Jim Anderson………he was choir master at the Moravian Church in Makkovik for many years…alongside his sister Inga who played the organ at the church.

When Tom Gordon of Memorial University’s school of Music began a project on Moravian music, Uncle Jim was one of the people he looked to for help with his research, we hear from Tom Gordon.

Uncle Jim Anderson helped lay the foundation for a musical tradition in Makkovik that is strong to this day…a tradition passed on from generation to Generation…..

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