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Remembering Bert Patey - Cofoudner of Labrador Airways

Bert Patey.jpgPeople in Labrador are well served by air these days.

There are many daily flights to all parts of Labrador, including the north and south coasts.

But it wasn't always like that.... Years ago most of the coast was served only by boat, or by chartering an aircraft.

That changed over the years, thanks in Part to Bert Patey.

He and two other partners bought a bush planeBill Rompkey.jpg operation, that evolved into a regular service. Patey passed away this week at his home in Newfoundland, at the age of seventy eight.

He had spent a long time in Labrador where he nurtured the aviation business.

One Person who knew Patey quite well and appreciates his contribution to Labrador's Aviation history is Labrador's Senator, Bill Rompkey.

Labrador Morning's Mike Power reached him in Ottawa to find out more about Patey's contribution to Aviation in Labrador.

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