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DFO responds to concers over the new Salmon Regulations in Labrador

Thumbnail image for DFO_logo_color.jpgDFO is changing the 2011 salmon angling and subsistence net fishery by-catch regulations. It's eliminating the retention of large salmon in Labrador, and reducing the net by-catch limit from four to three. DFO claims salmon stocks in Labrador are down fifty percent.

The Labrador Hunting and Fishing Association disagrees. We heard from President, Tony Chubbs earlier this month. He says DFO's data collection is problematic, and does not warrant these changes.The Association is asking DFO to reverse it's decision until people in Labrador have been properly consulted.

To speak to those concerns, Tony Dawson is joined by DFO Salmon Biologist, Chuck Bourgeois...And Dave Ball, Resource Manager for Recreational Fisheries at DFO.

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