The Fine Print

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First, though, here is some general information about Rights and Freedoms in Canada.

:: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

:: CBC Television: "The Constitution and Charter Re-evaluated"
Broadcast Date: April 17, 2002

Episode 10 - Where Do We Go From Here?

:: Enshrining The Charter (April 17, 1982)
:: Huntington Society of Canada
:: Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness
:: Canadian Civil Liberties Association 
:: B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Episode 9 - Aboriginal Rights

:: King George III Royal Proclamation
:: Pam Palmater
:: Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba
:: Aboriginal Legal Services in Toronto
:: Gladue Courts
:: Ontario Provincial Police
:: Caledonia standoff (CBC "backgrounder")

Episode 8
- Language Ri

:: Language Rights Support Program (website)
:: Edgar (website)
:: "The Million Dollar Comma" (news story)
:: Roy Goose (photo)
:: Balwant Sanghera - Punjabi Language Education Association

Episode 7 - Freedom from Discrimination (Race, Ethnic Origin, Colour)

:: Ali Hassan (comedian)
:: Quebec Human Rights Commission racial profiling report
:: Fo Niemi (Exec. Director, Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations)
:: SPVM (Montreal Police Service)
:: Selwyn Pieters (website)
:: Selwyn Pieters (news story)
:: Thorncliffe Neighourhood Office (website)
:: Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

Episode 6 - Freedom from Discrimination (Mental, Physical disability)

:: Jeff Preston (Cripz website)
:: Ryan Elrick (CBC news story)
:: The Meeting Place (website)

Episode 5Freedom from Discrimination (Sex, Age)

:: Kirstine Stewart (bio)
:: SlutWalk Toronto (website)
:: SlutWalk Hamilton (facebook)
:: Hamilton, Ontario Sexual Assault Centre (website)
:: Tawney Meiorin case (website)
:: Fly Past 60 (website)
:: Fly Past 60 (news article)
:: MP Niki Ashton

Episode 4 - Right to Life, Liberty and Security of the Person

:: Canadian Civil Liberties Association
:: Sue Rodriguez (Wikipedia)
:: L'INJECTEUR Magazine
:: L'A.D.D.I.C.Q.
:: Under arrest: What are your rights? (CBC.ca)

Episode 3 - Freedom Of Conscience and Religion

:: Religion in Canada according to StatsCan (website)
:: Church of the Universe (article)
:: Donna Hunter - Morinville secular school (article)
:: Donna Hunter television interview (video)
:: Larry Bjerland - Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioner (article)
:: Muslim students exempt from music, co-ed gym class (article)

Episode 2 - Freedom Of Peaceful Assembly and Association

:: Leanne Iskander (article)
:: Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob (video)
:: Winnipeg Zombie Walk (video)
:: Prime Minister John Diefenbaker re: Bill of Rights (video)
:: Sheri Good at the G20 in Toronto (video)
:: B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Episode 1 - Freedom Of Expression

:: Officer Bubbles video
:: Bill Whatcott story
:: Meaford, Ontario blogger story
:: Farzana Hassan
:: Canadian Civil Liberties Association