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Episode 10

kyr ep 10.jpg

Hard to believe that our ten weeks is up! What a ride we've had. I've learned a lot - and hope you have, too. It's been our honour to bring you this show.

To bid farewell, we decided to have a look at the future. Next year, our Charter will be thirty years-old! Something to celebrate, for sure. But also a good time for reflection on what could be changed or updated. And that's what our final episode is all about: Where do we go from here?

For answers, we ask familiar voices from past shows like lawyers Tom Schuck, Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, Rob Holmes and Michael Moon. We'll also have a very interesting discussion about "genetic rights" with Bev Heim-Myers. She's the Chairperson of The Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness, and her concerns may be a revelation to a lot of people!

iain russell.jpgWe'll also have a discussion with Iain Russell (pictured left). He loves our Charter so much that he had part of it tattooed on his torso!

You'll hear from Iain that, although The Charter is getting on in years, it's still very vital and important to his generation.

And, in the end, that may be the most rewarding idea of all. No doubt, the discussion will continue - and well it should!


(Check out The Fine Print for some background information on this week's show.)