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Episode 3


On the show this week, Freedom of Religion, or

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2 - Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion;

We discover that religion is as Canadian as windshield scrapers and poutine - but we don't all agree on exactly what our religious rights are. You'll hear from some people who are at the edges of religious freedom in Canada. 

People like Peter Styrsky one of the leaders of the Church of the Universe which believes marijuana to be a sacred sacrament. 

Larry Bjerland, a Saskatchewan marriage commissioner whose job is in jeopardy because he refuses to marry gay couples. 

And Donna Hunter who wants a non-Catholic school board in Morinville Alberta, but has been denied.

Not only do I attempt to start my own religion, I also don my choir robe and present a musical history of religion in Canada.


(Check out The Fine Print for some background information on this week's show.)