Healthcare is the single largest expenditure for the Ontario government, accounting for 40 per cent of its budget. As a generation of baby boomers age, the demands on the system are only expected to increase.

To try and manage the impending tide, the provincial government is advocating an increased role for home care as an alternative to more expensive options like hospitals and long term care homes.

Below are the perspectives of people in the Waterloo Wellington whose lives are touched by home care - families, caregivers and administrators - who talk about what is working and what needs improvement.

Waterloo Wellington home care wait times lagging

Waterloo Wellington's home care provider admits it still has a ways to go before it can meet new wait time targets set by the province.

Demand for dementia care soars in Waterloo Region

Waterloo Region doesn't have enough trained caregivers to help with the soaring demand for dementia care, according to the Alzheimer Society of Kitchener-Waterloo.

Families bear burden of care for seniors, says expert

As the province moves towards a home-first policy, family members are carrying 75 per cent of the home care burden for Waterloo Region's aging population, and risk burning out without proper support, says a University of Waterloo professor.

Helping Hands - A look at home care in Waterloo Region

Check out our replay of our video chat examing the choices that go into home care for aging parents in Waterloo Region.

Home care strategy spurs private home care demand

Demand for private home care is on the rise, as Ontario moves towards a home-first strategy for aging hospitalized patients.

Immigrant seniors face added challenges accessing care

Cultural traditions can be an additional barrier for immigrant seniors needing care in Waterloo Region, including factors such as language issues and the gender of the service care provider.

Home care agency's priority is non-acute wait time cuts

Provincial government funding to reduce home care wait times in Ontario will primarily go towards slashing wait times for patients with who aren't necessarily in need of acute care, says the head of Waterloo Wellington home care agency.

Why one daughter chose home care for her mother

Brenda Perak sat down with CBC News to explain why she decided against putting her mother in long term care.