Kim’s in posters: A look back at season 2

Posted on Dec 19, 2017

This season we got some of the most talented artists in Canada to design a poster for each episode of Kim's Convenience. As we rev up to the season finale of Kim's (which airs tonight at 9/9:30NT on CBC to be exact), here is the complete wonderful series of artwork that these artists came up with.

Episode 201: Janet's Roommate by Adam Waito

Episode 202: Business Award by Betty Liang

Episode 203: House Guest by Stephanie Cheng

Episode 204: Cardboard Jung by Geordan Moore

Episode 205: Date Night by David Cutler

Episode 206: Resting Place by Genevieve Simms

Episode 207: Sneak Attack by Cristian Fowlie

Episode 208: Silent Auction by Jeannie Phan

Episode 209: New TV by Nimit Malavia

Episode 210: Janet's Boyfriend by Jill Stanton

Episode 211: Good Neighbours by Gracie Lam

Episode 212: Appa's First Text by Jacqui Oakley

Episode 213: A Handy Graduation by Jud Haynes