Why oh why, Kawhi? Raptors fans say LA Clippers promo is total cringe

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-10-04 16:37

Toronto fans think their past superstar’s new video seems forced

Earlier this summer, Raptors fans were devastated to find out that Kawhi Leonard — the Toronto Raptors MVP who brought the team to their first ever NBA finals win — had signed with the LA Clippers.

Since then, fans have questioned whether Kawhi made a big mistake.

So when the Clippers released a video of Kawhi this week, Raptors fans were quick to call it out as evidence of his lack of enthusiasm.

The promo features Kawhi using his “baybeee” catchphrase, which was most notably heard in a video that Serge Ibaka took of Kawhi earlier this year.

A shortened version of the video was posted to Twitter and now has more than 30 million views.

But Raptors fans are claiming that the line appears forced in the new promo.

Tweet reads “It’s not funny when it’s forced:

Tweet reads Coerced Kawhi not as fun, it was natural and unintentional in Toronto which made it hilarious.

Some are even suggesting he might have just done it for the money and that it was scripted.

Tweet reads How much money did Kawhi demand to do this?!”

Tweet reads The person who put the camera in his face and told him to say that is the worst kind of cornball

And, of course, Raptors fans are claiming that life would be better for Kawhi if he’d stayed with #WeTheNorth.

Tweet reads Ew, just ew. Toronto would’ve never made you do that, Kawhi. #somuchcringe

But is all of this criticism legitimate, or are Toronto fans just still upset that Kawhi has moved on?

It’s worth noting that Kawhi’s fans have seen him as being notoriously awkward for years now.

CBC Kids News reached out to the Los Angeles Clippers to respond to the criticism that the video is inauthentic.

They have yet to respond.

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