Why is Lilly Singh taking a break from YouTube?

Story by CBC Kids News • 2018-11-15 06:00

Superwoman is the latest in a string of YouTubers to deal with burnout

Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh says she’s not leaving YouTube forever, but she is taking a break.

The Scarborough, Ont.-born content creator is the latest in a line of YouTubers who have stopped posting on the platform because of burnout.

Elle Mills, Alisha Marie, Grace Helbig, Bobby Burns and others have also vowed to step back from the platform for a bit.

Singh, who regularly posts comedy skits and music videos for more than 14 million subscribers on her Superwoman channel, said she’s exhausted and stressed and not happy with the kinds of videos she’s making.

She said she’s going to wait until her “soul feels ready” to start posting again.

Woman in colourful clothing, goofy glasses, backwards ball cap and big smile flashes double peace signs.

Singh is an actor and author who runs her own production company. (Rick Matharu/Canadian Press)

It’s hard for YouTubers to suddenly stop producing content because they worry the audience will forget about them, said Singh, who was named one of the world’s highest paid YouTube stars by Forbes Magazine in 2017.

She said she’s facing that fear head on in the hopes that her audience will still be there when she’s ready to return.

"We love Lilly and support her decision to take some time out,” said YouTube Canada’s Nicole Bell.

“We and the rest of Team Super will be ready and waiting when Lilly comes back better than ever," she said.

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