Why is it a big deal that the Juno Awards are cancelled?

Myah Elliott
Story by Myah Elliott • CBC Kids News • Published 2020-03-13 14:55

Myah dishes on why you should care about the annual music event

Say it isn’t so, not the Junos!

After spending days preparing to cover the Juno Awards in Saskatoon, the whole thing has been cancelled as part of a big push to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

(#CancelEverything, anyone?)

What are the Junos? I have to admit, I’d never heard of them until I started on this assignment.

Turns out they are Canada’s music awards — kind of like the Grammys: Northern edition.

This year, they were set to take place in chilly Saskatoon on March 15.

And while the event itself isn’t happening, there’s still so much to know about the amazing music scene right here in Canada.

Move over Drake and Bieber!

Other musicians like Lennon Stella, bbno$, Tory Lanez and Alessia Cara all rep Canada, too.

Watch the video for more!

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