When will all Canadian kids return to school in person?

Story by CBC Kids News • 2022-01-05 05:55
UPDATE:This article originally published on Jan. 5. It was updated Jan. 20 at 6 p.m. ET.

Information keeps changing, but here's what we know


Canadians are facing another wave of COVID-19 and many kids are wondering when they'll return to classes in person.

Some kids had their holiday break extended while others returned to online learning. Again.

Government officials across the country have been changing their back-to-school plans to try to slow the spread of the Omicron variant.

With vaccines, rapid testing kits, better masks and contact tracing, many schools are hoping to safely reopen their doors after an extended break from in-person learning.

But, in some cases, in-person classes have been delayed.

When will kids across Canada return to school in person?

The situation in most provinces and territories keeps changing. Here’s what we know as of Jan. 20.

When are kids returning to school in person? Map of Canada. B.C. Jan. 10. Alberta Unknown. Sask. Jan. 4. Manitoba Jan. 17. Ontario Jan. 17. Quebec Jan. 17. N.B. Jan. 31. N.S. Jan. 17. P.E.I. Jan. 31. N.L. Jan 25. Yukon Jan. 4. N.W.T. Jan. 24. Nunavut Jan. 24.

In some provinces and territories, students with disabilities were allowed to return to school in person earlier.

What’s the situation where you live?

British Columbia

Students in British Columbia returned to school on Jan. 10.

Some students returned on Jan. 4, including students with disabilities and diverse abilities, along with students whose parents are essential workers, including those who work in the health-care system. 


Students in Alberta returned to school in person on Jan. 10.

The province said it would provide masks and two rapid test kits to every student and staff member when schools reopened.


Students in Saskatchewan returned to school as scheduled, on Jan. 4.

The province provided students across the province with rapid testing kits.


Students in Manitoba returned to school in person on Jan. 17.

Rapid testing kits will be given to students between kindergarten and Grade 6 who attend First Nations schools.


Students in Ontario started remote learning on Jan. 5, and returned to in person learning on Jan. 17.

The province will also provide staff members with N95 masks.


Students in Quebec returned to school in person on Jan. 17.

Students will have to wear a mask at all times when indoors.

New Brunswick

Students in New Brunswick will be learning online until Jan. 31.

Some students were given rapid testing kits before the holidays and are expected to use them before returning to school in person.

Nova Scotia

Students in Nova Scotia returned to school online on Jan. 10 and returned in person on Jan. 17.

All students and staff will be given three-ply masks and rapid testing kits, depending on availability.

Prince Edward Island

Students in Prince Edward Island began online learning on Jan. 5, with plans to return to school in person on Jan. 31.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Students in Newfoundland and Labrador began online learning on Jan. 4, with plans to return to school in person on Jan. 25.


Students in Yukon returned to school as planned, on Jan. 4.

Northwest Territories

Students in the Northwest Territories will return to school in person on Jan. 24.


Students in Nunavut will return to school in person on Jan. 24.

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