What’s this? Take a guess!

Story by CBC Kids News • 2019-05-26 07:00

What’s the deal with these brown and white waves?

Can you tell what’s happening in this swirly pic? Take a guess.


Best guesses

Here are some of your amazing guesses so far. (You’ll have to enter yourself to see if any of these are correct.)

“A nest falling out of the tree.” - Chace

“Tarantula.” - Haydar and Khiar

“A tumbleweed tree is floating over a small lake.” - Xavier

“A really knotty horse tail.” - Pearl

“A coconut.” - Nana

“I think it’s a wacky beard.” - Nicky

“Fur ball.” - Josh

“It’s a dying tree that has a disease.” - Erica

“Wasp nest.” - Adrian

“A sloth.” - Paige

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