What’s been hiding inside this amber for a hundred million years?

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Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2018-07-18 13:59

It’s a baby snake!

A piece of amber with a little baby snake fossilized inside

If you look really close, can you see the snake? (Lida Xing/China University of Geosciences Beijing)

Researchers have found a fossilized baby snake inside this tiny piece of amber.

It measures less than five centimetres — that’s about the length of an adult’s thumb — and it includes 97 tiny vertebrae.

This discovery teaches us that snakes lived in forests alongside dinosaurs.

It was discovered in Myanmar, Asia and studied by two professors in Edmonton, Alberta.

Xiao Jia holding the piece of amber with the snake inside

Xiao Jia is a Chinese amber specialist. She donated the fossil. The snake has been named Xiaophis myanmarensis in her honour. (Ming Bai/Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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