WATCH — Who is buying and selling your personal information?

Saara Chaudry
Story by Saara Chaudry and CBC Kids News • 2021-10-08 06:00

Data brokers profit from your private data

At this very moment, data brokers could be silently collecting your private information and putting it up for sale.

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, right?

But data brokers are real.

In simple terms, data brokers are companies that collect personal information about people based on their online habits — including kids — and build profiles about them.

Those profiles can be sold to other companies, which can use that information to decide how to treat you.

A store might use your profile to decide how much to charge you for something when you shop online, for example.

Like, “Can this kid afford to spend a bit more money on this? Yeah, probably. Let’s add a few bucks to the price tag.”

So, yeah, data brokers can make your life harder without you even realizing it.

But where do they find your private information in the first place? And how can you stop them from collecting it?

Click play to hear CBC Kids News contributor Saara Chaudry explain, in three minutes or less.

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Saara Chaudry
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