WATCH — What to put in your backpack this year

Published 2020-09-03 03:00

Just a few things that are out of the ordinary

Pencil case? Check!

Lunch box? Check!

Mask? Check!

This year, you’ll be bringing a few items to school that you never thought you’d need.

Going to school during a pandemic is new for all of us, but you can be prepared.

Check out this video for some tips, or keep reading for the highlights

You’ll definitely need to bring at least two masks, whether you wear them all day or not.

In most provinces, the schools will be giving each student two masks.

You should also have hand sanitizer because you have to wash or sanitize your hands often, including before you put your mask on and after you take it off.

A backpack, lunchbox, Sharpie, hand sanitizer, water bottle, masks, disinfectant wipes, all with labels.

A sample of Isabel DeRoy’s items include her water bottle, hand sanitizer, wipes and masks. Labelling with masking tape and a permanent marker is a simple way to go. (Image credit: Gian Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

A paper bag is a good idea to store your mask in.

You should probably make sure everything is labelled so it doesn’t end up in someone else’s backpack by mistake.

And don’t overdo it — most schools don’t want you bringing any extra items from home.

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Isabel DeRoy-Olson
Isabel DeRoy-Olson
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