WATCH — Team sports are back in Manitoba. Here’s what it looks like

Callie Lane
Story by Callie Lane and CBC Kids News • Published 2020-06-10 13:05

Players, coach of U16 softball team discuss their return to play

It’s game on in Manitoba, but don’t high five your teammate just yet.

On June 1, team sports resumed thanks to the fact that the province successfully flattened the curve.

But there are new rules in play, including physical distancing of players, frequent handwashing and no high fives or huddles.

Still, softball player Jenna Dyck, 16, is happy that her province has allowed sports to start up again.

“I didn’t really appreciate getting to see my team and getting to be around them all the time until I couldn’t,” she told CBC Kids News.

Jenna Dyck says she’s a bit scared of getting coronavirus, but is confident her teammates will follow the rules. (CBC)

“Some people around Canada still can’t play. So we’re happy in Manitoba that we get to see our teammates and play games.”

CBC Kids News contributor Callie Lane also spoke to Manitoba’s chief public health officer, as well as members of Jenna’s softball team, the Winnipeg Lightning, to see how they handled lockdown and what reopening looks like.

Check out the video here:


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