WATCH — Staycation ideas: Tie-dye, backyard vibes and what I’d wear

Isabelle MacNeil
Story by Isabelle MacNeil and CBC Kids News • 2020-07-09 08:21

There are plenty of ways to keep busy and have fun

Summer vacations are in full swing, but taking a big trip isn’t an option this year.

That’s why I came up with some staycation ideas that are easy and fun.

1) Tie-dye

Tie-dye is everywhere, and it’s something that you can do yourself at home, as long as you have the right supplies.

I chose to tie-dye a towel that I could take to the beach.

You can also find white shirts at your local thrift store (if it’s open), and if you get really good, you can even sell them and start a little business.

Isabelle holding a bottle of dye

Make sure to wear gloves and ask an adult for help, because tie-dye can get pretty messy. (Image credit: Isabelle MacNeil/CBC)

2) Backyard movie theatre

Even though movie theatres are starting to reopen, you may feel safer having a movie experience at home.

Plus, with the great summer weather, you can set up your own movie theatre in your backyard, on your driveway or in a park.

a movie being projected on a screen in a backyard

We borrowed a projector from my dad’s work. (Image credit: Isabelle MacNeil/CBC)

Make sure you have plenty of snacks, bug spray and blankets.

Then cozy up for a summertime flick.

My friends and I chose to watch Paddington.

It’s a great outdoor activity you can do with friends while respecting physical distancing.

3) Virtual trip

If you can’t go somewhere, you can still pretend!

I’ve always wanted to go to France, so I spent some time looking up recipes for my favourite French foods, made some crêpes and picked out an outfit.

Isabelle stands at her stove making crepes.

There’s no shortage of great recipes online. Crêpes only have a few simple ingredients, but getting the technique right is the tricky part. (Image credit: Isabelle MacNeil/CBC)

Watch this video to see how my tie-dye turned out, what snacks I bought and what I decided to wear to France!

TOP IMAGE CREDIT: Isabelle MacNeil, Philip Street/CBC

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