WATCH — Soccer star Jonathan Osorio talks World Cup, Mario Strikers and more

Arjun Ram
Story by Arjun Ram and CBC Kids News • 2022-07-18 06:00

TFC legend shares his greatest soccer moments

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Jonathan Osorio is a pretty big deal in the Canadian soccer world.

Not only did he just help Canada qualify for the World Cup, he holds the record for most games ever played for the Major League Soccer team Toronto FC.

But how do Jonathan’s soccer skills translate on a Nintendo Switch?

CBC Kids News contributor Arjun Ram found out when he caught up with Osorio at a Nintendo Switch event in Toronto.

In this Vibe Check, Osorio talks about highlights from his career so far, the players who have inspired him, and which go-to characters he uses when playing Mario Strikers: Battle League on Nintendo Switch.

“[Waluigi] is an all-around guy, I like him,” said Osorio.

Can Jonathan Osorio vibe with our questions?

Check out the video below to see Osorio play a game of “This or That?” with Arjun!

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