WATCH: Should dodgeball be banned from schools?

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-06-28 10:25

Some kids love dodgeball, but one expert calls it ‘legalized bullying’

When the bell rings for gym class and you’re about to get into a game of dodgeball, does your heart beat with excitement or anxiety?

Some kids we spoke to at a basketball court in Oshawa, Ont., told CBC Kids News that they love the sport.

“When people throw the ball, I like dodging it.” - Kyla, age 9

Alex Narvaez/Narvaez Productions

“My favourite part is probably surviving from all the other balls that are coming toward you.” - Angelo, age 11.

Alex Narvaez/Narvaez Productions

“It’s basically one of my favourite things about gym.” - Rodrigo, age 12

Alex Narvaez/Narvaez Productions

For some kids, the idea of playing dodgeball can make them feel anxious.

“Sometimes you can get whipped in the face.” - Cecilia, age 10

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Joy Butler, who is a professor of curriculum and pedagogy at the University of British Columbia, researched how kids felt about the sport, which she called “legalized bullying.”

Butler said some kids didn’t feel safe, and feel like they were being picked on in dodgeball.

She doesn’t think the sport should be banned from schools, but she hopes teachers will realize there are better activities for kids.

She argues that no other sport has humans as the target.

“A human isn’t necessarily a good target.” - Joy Butler


But some kids like it anyway and don’t want to see it banned.

“We’re using foam balls. It doesn’t hurt.” - Kaiden, age 12

Alex Narvaez/Narvaez Productions

“The teachers just need to watch how aggressive it gets.” - Dominic, age 9

Alex Narvaez/Narvaez Productions

We asked whether dodgeball should be banned in schools.

Here are some of your answers.

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