WATCH — Run the Burbs cast dishes on pet peeves, siblings and go-to emojis

Story by CBC Kids News • 2022-02-21 06:00

Can the actors keep up with our rapid-fire questions?

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Friends, family and neighbourhood fun are at the heart of CBC’s new show, Run the Burbs, all about — you guessed it — the Pham family and their adventures in the suburbs.

Created, written and starring Andrew Phung of Kim’s Convenience fame, the first season of Run the Burbs launched on CBC Gem on Jan. 5.

“It's a family that loves each other at the core. They love making fun of each other, and they're always on adventures,” Phung told CBC Kids News.

The first few episodes explore everything from block parties and overnight camp to chores and online dating.

CBC Kids News sat down with Phung and the show’s two young stars, Zoriah Wong, 14, and Roman Pesino, 10, to see if they could keep up with our rapid-fire questions.

Watch the video to hear:

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