WATCH — Replay of CBC Kids News live event in Minecraft

Story by CBC Kids News • 2020-10-15 06:00

Event carried on despite disruptions from griefers and hackers

Over Thanksgiving weekend, hundreds of kids flocked to the CBC Kids News Back-to-School Check-In in Minecraft where they could listen, build and play.

CBC Kids News created the event to give kids a way to express how they feel about being back at school during a pandemic.

Players gather as host Elijah Sandiford’s avatar takes centre stage for the start of the show. (Image Credit: CBC Kids News World/Minecraft)

Kids have their say

CBC Kids News contributor Elijah Sandiford and gaming YouTuber GeminiTay hosted the event.

The event kicked off with a live studio show, where kids shared their own COVID-19 experiences, asked a doctor questions about the virus and helped set a giant coronavirus on fire.

Players had access to special levers that lit a coronavirus — made of wool — on fire. (Image Credit: CBC Kids News World/Minecraft)

A rocky start

The event also attracted some unwanted attention.

Inappropriate skins and builds were spotted, and a surge of server activity indicated that griefers and hackers had made it into the CBC Kids News World.

“We began experiencing technical issues when a malicious group targeted the event,” said Jeff Willson, executive director of Brilliant Labs, a not-for-profit organization which managed the Minecraft server for CBC Kids News.

It appeared their goal was “to spread discriminatory and racist messaging and try to take down the servers,” Wilson said.

The moderation team quickly locked down the event to keep the hackers out.

Unfortunately, that meant some people who wanted to participate couldn’t.

The good news is, CBC Kids News captured all the highlights from the event right here:

If you want to watch a longer version of the full show, click here.

Check out these builds

Players spent hours building inside the CBC Kids News World. Here are some of the highlights:

Players expressed how they feel about being back in school during the pandemic through their builds in the Field of Emojis. (Image Credit: CBC Kids News World/Minecraft)

Players got creative and shared how they would keep Halloween safe this year with their in-world candy dispensers. (Image Credit: CBC Kids News World/Minecraft)

Players were challenged to build their version of a news studio. Were you there? Did you build and record your own newscast? Ask a parent/guardian for permission to email your video to (Image Credit: CBC Kids News World/Minecraft)

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