WATCH — Puppets for co-stars? Get to know the stars of The Muppets Mayhem

Published 2023-05-19 06:00

New Disney+ series featuring Lilly Singh started on May 10

Who? Lilly Singh, Tahj Mowry and Saara Chaudry.  What? Stars of The Muppets Mayhem.  Where? Los Angeles, California.

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Meanwhile, characters in The Muppets Mayhem are trying to get a popular rock band of puppets to drop something of their own: Their first platinum album.

(An album is considered platinum when one million copies have been sold.)

The new series launched on Disney+ on May 10.

It stars Canadian YouTuber-turned-actor Lilly Singh, American actor Tahj Mowry and Saara Chaudry.

And yes, we mean former KN contributor Saara Chaudry.

The stars of the series spoke with KN contributor Ainara Alleyne about what it’s like to work with puppet co-stars, how starting out as child actors shaped their careers and more.

Watch the video here!

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Ainara Alleyne
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