WATCH — Olympic champ Penny Oleksiak talks swimming goals and fear of open water

Abigail Dove
Story by Abigail Dove and CBC Kids News • 2022-08-02 06:00

Canada’s most-decorated Olympic athlete sits down for a Vibe Check

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Who? Penny Oleksiak? What? Swimmer, seven-time Olympic medallist Where? Toronto

One of the greatest swimmers ever to hop in the pool for Canada is 22-year-old Penny Oleksiak.

With a record seven medals, she is not only the most-decorated Canadian Olympic swimmer ever, but Oleksiak has also won more Olympic medals than any other Canadian athlete in history.

CBC Kids News contributor Abigail Dove sat down with the athlete for a Vibe Check last week.

Their candid conversation turned vulnerable, as Oleksiak said that despite her record-breaking success, she still hasn’t achieved her goals.

“I’ve never had a world record and I really want one,” said Oleksiak. “So that’s something I’m always working towards.”

She also talked about her hidden talents, a surprising fear of open water and why her Instagram handle “@typicalpen” has the word “typical” in it despite the fact that she seems anything but.

Can Penny Oleksiak vibe with our questions?

Check out the video below to watch Oleksiak play a game of This or That with Abigail.

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