WATCH — Israel and Hamas agree to a truce. What was the conflict about?

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2021-05-21 13:00

It’s a complicated history


People who live in Israel and the Gaza Strip celebrated early Friday morning after a ceasefire was declared.

A ceasefire is when both sides agree to stop fighting, but the underlying issues may not be resolved.

Fighting erupted in the Middle East on May 10, prompting leaders in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere to call for the violence to stop.

In the end, Egypt proposed a truce, which was accepted by Israel’s prime minister and then Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory.

To understand why they are fighting, watch this video and then keep reading to understand what happened over the past 11 days:

Why did violence break out?

This most recent round of violence started earlier this month.

A dispute between Jewish settlers and Palestinian families in East Jerusalem has been bubbling for some time and was set to go to court on May 10.

Clashes broke out between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, part of a holy site sacred to Muslims and Jews.

Following that, the militant group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, started firing rockets into Israeli cities.

The Israeli military fought back, sending rockets into the crowded region, toppling buildings.

At least 243 Palestinians have been killed, including 66 children, according to health officials in Gaza.

Authorities in Israel say 12 people, including a boy and a teenager, have been killed.

What was being done about it?

Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for an end to the fighting.

“We’ve all seen the tragic images. Families, innocents, kids, affected. It needs to stop. That is why Canada is calling for a ceasefire,” Trudeau said.

Several protests were held across Canada last weekend, as people with ties to the region watched from afar, afraid for their families who live there.

A large crowd of people holding Palestinian and Pro-Palestinian signs walk through a city street.

Thousands of people demonstrated in downtown Montreal on Saturday as participants chanted pro-Palestinian slogans. (Image credit: Louis de Belleval/Radio-Canada)

A group of people on the grass holding Israeli flags

Pro-Israel demonstrators held an outdoor rally, followed by a car convoy, in Ottawa on Sunday. (Image credit: Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

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