WATCH — In person vs. online: These girls are doing school differently

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2020-08-31 14:05

Two kids from different parts of the country share their stories

Baylee Nicholls and Ava Legatto both know this school year will be different than in the past.

But their plans are also different from each other’s: Baylee, 12, from Bragg Creek, Alta. (Alberta), will be doing all her schooling from home this fall, on her computer.

Ava Legatto, 14, from Dartmouth, N.S. (Nova Scotia), will be in school, physically distancing from her friends when she can, and wearing a mask.

Watch this video to hear more from Baylee and Ava:

“Our school is doing this hub from home thing,” Baylee told CBC Kids News. “You're just doing school from home on your laptop. So we have to do six hours a day of school every day.”

She’ll start the school day at the same time as her friends who are in school, and take breaks at the same time as them.

She did it in the spring, after schools shut down, but only for one hour at time.

“Six hours a day is much more than just one hour. So we have to work a lot harder.”

A girl poses on a snowy dirt road.

Baylee still sees her friends on a weekly ZOOM call. (Image submitted by Alice Nicholls)

Baylee said she came to the decision after speaking with her family.

“My parents knew that they wanted to keep us home. They just didn't think it would be safe [at school].”

Her younger brother who is six will also be doing school remotely, and their parents will be with them.

“My dad is a stay at home dad and my mom is not going back to …. work until I think February,” she said.

Meanwhile in Nova Scotia...

Across the country, Ava is looking forward to going back to school in person.

“I am very excited to go back to school because it's been such a long time since I've seen, like, all my friends and teachers,” she said.

She found learning from home hard, and would rather be there in person, even if it means wearing a mask all day.

A teen girl stands in front of a soccer field.

Ava admits that wearing a mask all day will be an ‘adjustment.’ (Image submitted by Kelly Legatto)

“I like being able to do group activities and be around people,” she said.

But she’ll also have to make some adjustments in her life, like seeing her grandparents less often.

“When we go back we're gonna not see them as much, especially the first few weeks or months back so that just in case anything happens. We don't [want to] spread [COVID-19] to them.”

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