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Émile Burbidge
Story by Émile Burbidge and CBC Kids News • 2020-09-04 14:04

There are already kids self-isolating in Quebec

After the longest summer break ever, kids across the country are heading back to school.

And things look a lot different than they did when schools shut down last March.

For CBC Kids News contributor Émile Burbidge, 16, it meant putting on his school uniform and picking the perfect mask.

Rules about masks are different across the country.

Émile started his final year of high school on the south shore of Montreal on Wednesday.

Watch Émile’s back-to-school video here:

Quebec was the first province to reopen schools in the spring, with students attending on a voluntary basis.

The province has also recorded the most cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic hit Canada.

And since schools opened in Quebec last week, some kids in the province have already been sent home to self-isolate.

That happened because some teachers had confirmed cases of COVID-19 and some students were showing symptoms.

Boy from the back with a backpack on, in front of a teacher, wearing a mask, with men on either side, in masks.

A student is greeted at a school in Montreal on Aug. 27. (Image credit: Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

There’s a lot to think about as classes resume, so CBC Kids News has plenty of tips and answers to your questions.

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Émile Burbidge
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