WATCH — How to tell the difference between cold or flu and COVID-19

Saara Chaudry
Story by Saara Chaudry and CBC Kids News • 2020-10-21 11:00

Lots of overlapping symptoms

How does COVID-19 compare to a regular cold or flu?

Well, sometimes getting COVID-19 feels like “you’ve been hit by by a truck.”

At least, that’s how Dr. Caroline Quach put it on Oct. 10, when asked to describe the feeling during the CBC Kids News Back-to-School Check-In in Minecraft.

Of course, other times, people barely experience any symptoms at all.

Either way, it’s “very hard to differentiate” between COVID-19 and a regular cold or flu, said the pediatrician and infectious diseases specialist, who’s based at the Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal.

The problem is, the symptoms are just too similar.

So, how are you supposed to know whether you have a case of the sniffles, or whether it’s time to get tested for COVID-19?

Check out this video for tips on what to watch for:

Be sure to watch these videos for more information about COVID-19:

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