WATCH — How students and teachers can support reconciliation

Published 2022-09-27 01:35

Your classroom questions answered by Indigenous teen panellists

With Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation happening this week, you may be thinking about what reconciliation means to you and your community.

We have gathered questions from classrooms across Canada to put to three Indigenous youth who are ready to share their ideas, insights and personal experiences.

CBC Kids News contributors Isabel DeRoy-Olson and Ainara Alleyne take us through a chat about Orange Shirt Day, reconciliation and how the classroom can be a place for change.

Watch the discussion below to learn more.

What will you learn about?

In this video, you’ll hear from three Indigenous panellists answering your questions about reconciliation in the classroom.

Students like these, from Erica Kirton’s Grade 6 class at Edmund Partridge Community School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, sent in their questions. (Image credit: CBC)

Hear answers to questions like:

Clockwise from top left, Ryleigh Todd-Moore, Eli Rowe, Sophia Smoke and hosts Isabel DeRoy-Olson and Ainara Alleyne take part in the discussion about reconciliation in the classroom. (Image credit: CBC)

Who are our panellists?

Sophia Smoke, 15, Manitoba, Dakota Plains First Nation

Eli Rowe, 16, Nova Scotia, Lake St. Martin First Nation (Manitoba) and Mi’kmaw

Ryleigh Todd-Moore, 16, Manitoba, Norway House Cree Nation

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About the Contributor

Isabel DeRoy-Olson and Ainara Alleyne
Isabel DeRoy-Olson and Ainara Alleyne
CBC Kids News Contributor
Isabel DeRoy-Olson is a Grade 12 student who lives in North Vancouver on Tsleil Waututh Nation territory. She is a citizen of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation from the Yukon and Anishinaabe from Manitoba. Isabel is passionate about acting and dancing and loves to learn about Indigenous identity, gender and social justice. Ainara Alleyne is a Grade 8 student from Hamilton, Ontario. She has a passion for social justice, reading and anime. At 10, she started an Instagram account, where she highlights books for young people whose authors and main characters are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, differently abled or underrepresented. Together, Isabel and Ainara are your CBC Kids News hosts for Reconciliation in the Classroom.