WATCH: Dance, Snowball! What this cockatoo is teaching us

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-07-17 08:14

Experts have been studying Snowball’s dance moves since 2008

Have you seen Snowball dance?

He’s a famous cockatoo whose moves went viral back in 2008.

Sure, you may have seen other dancing animals before, so what’s so special about this guy?

Scientists discovered that Snowball is different from other animals whose moves have gone viral.

Snowball actually creates and perfects his own dance moves — he doesn’t copy anyone.

This suggests that dancing is not an invention, but an impulse, according to experts.

Based on Snowball’s moves, scientists at Tufts University in Massachusetts have concluded that our ability and desire to dance is innate, or natural.

"We feel that this does suggest that the impulse to dance to music is not just an arbitrary invention of human culture like, you know, coffee cups or bicycles or any of the many other wonderful things we've invented," said psychology professor Aniruddh Patel, who co-authored a study on Snowball.

Patel was amazed to see a video of Snowball spontaneously dancing to a beat back in 2008.

After studying several videos of him over the years, Patel discovered that Snowball has 14 individual dance moves.

Next, Patel and his team are going to study whether his dance moves change if someone is in the room with him or if he’s alone.

With files from Sheena Goodyear and Chloe Shantz-Hilkes/CBC

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