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CBC Kids News • Published 2019-06-14 12:51

Luc Dubois surprised his girlfriend hundreds of metres in the air

Rafella Garito, 18, thought she was going on a regular plane ride with her boyfriend, Luc Dubois.

The couple, who live in Sarnia, Ont., have been flying together for months.

Dubois, 18, has had his pilot’s licence since March and the two often ride a small single-engine plane together.

But this plane ride was different.

"In order to land safely, passenger must go to prom with pilot."

What happened in the air surprised Garito.

Dubois suddenly started experiencing engine failure — at least that’s what he told her.

"I knew that he could handle it, but I was still a little nervous," she said when she realized they could be in danger. (They weren't.)

Dubois had her read through an emergency checklist, which she did.

A list of instructions, including

Rafella Garito read through this list of emergency measures when she thought the plane was having an engine failure. (Submitted by Luc Dubois)

He had photoshopped one of the items on the list to: "In order to land safely, passenger must go to prom with pilot."

Garito said she wasn’t really paying attention to what she was reading.

That’s why she had to read it several times before she realized what was happening.

(Submitted by Luc Dubois)

Dubois said he wanted to make the prom experience special for Garito, who is from Venezuela and has been living in Canada for three years.

Her parents sent her here to complete her high school diploma since the political and economic situation in her country is in upheaval right now.

Garito said yes and the two had a great time at the St. Patrick’s Catholic High School prom together.

A couple dressed up in fancy clothes pose under a bridge.

Garito and Dubois are both graduating from high school this spring. (Submitted by Luc Dubois)

Dubois posted the promposal on YouTube and Instagram and it has been viewed thousands of times.

"I've seen [promposals] on YouTube and I see them at school over the years," said Dubois. "I wanted to make one that would stand out by doing something with my flying."

"I think it’s awesome,” said Garito.

With files from CBC News Windsor

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