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Story by CBC Kids News • 2021-03-12 16:12

The map is available to download now

After our live event in Minecraft in October 2020, so many of you reached out asking for more ways to engage with CBC Kids News in Minecraft.

You asked, and we listened.

Launching today is our CBC Kids News minigame map, with four new minigames for you to play on your own copy of Minecraft.

Many of you have emailed us talking about how playing games and having fun has been a good way to deal with the pandemic.

So we decided to build on our map from our live event in Minecraft, and add some fun and informative minigames for kids to play.

The map is available to download, and can be played on both Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

Click here to download the map and get started!

And make sure to ask your parent, guardian or caregiver for permission before you download. 

What kind of games are we talking about?

If you were lucky enough to join our live event in October, you know there is already a parkour course to play.

In addition, we added some fun new minigames, and maybe you will learn some things about the pandemic along the way.

A minecraft world, with a giant vaccine needle.

The massive vaccine is just one of many obstacles on the race course. (Image credit: Jamie McMahon/CBC)

How it started vs. how it’s going ice boat race

Our ice boat race is challenging even for the experienced racer.

Things start off wide open, but get tighter and harder to deal with as you go.

Want to race through a giant hand sanitizer bottle? Or drop into a massive vaccine tube?

Make sure you check out the ice boat race, and email us your best times while you’re at it!

A giant coronavirus cell built in minecraft

The giant COVID-19 cell hosts a challenging maze. (Image credit: Jamie McMahon/CBC)

3D labyrinth inside a giant COVID-19 cell

Step inside the giant COVID-19 cell and find your way through the challenging 3D labyrinth.

And don’t get too discouraged if you make a wrong turn — you might find a pandemic factoid with a time reduction credit to knock some seconds off your final time.

Be sure to send us your best times!

A build battle grass plot in minecraft

The build battle takes place on the large plots seen above. (Image credit: Jamie McMahon/CBC)

Contain the virus build battle

Imagine a world where you have trapped the coronavirus before it has infected anyone.

What would you build to stop it from spreading?

Building a virus container is the theme for this build battle, and we are excited to see what you come up with.

a coliseum like arena in Minecraft

The PvP arena is ready for some epic capture the vaccine battles. (Image credit: Jamie McMahon/CBC)

Capture the vaccine PvP arena

Our take on the popular capture the flag minigame takes place in an arena where you have to stop the other team from capturing your vaccine.

Build around the vaccine to protect it, and send teammates to break the other team’s builds to capture their vaccine.

How to play

Once you have downloaded the map, click here for installation instructions, and the rules for each minigame.

Send us screengrabs, top scores, fastest times, your own minigames and more at

Still not sure if you want to play? Check out the video below for a sneak peak of our minigame map:



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