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Alexia Sabau
Story by Alexia Sabau • CBC Kids News • Published 2021-03-29 16:47

Downloadable calendar included!


Feeling bored is an experience most people can relate to, especially now that we’re spending a lot more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Part 1 of our Boredom 101 series, CBC Kids News contributor Alexia Sabau spoke with Lydia Muyingo, a PhD student in clinical psychology, about the common causes of boredom and what effects boredom can have on kids.

If you haven’t checked out Part 1, you can watch it here:

10-day boredom-busting challenge

In Part 2 of this series, Alexia has created a 10-day boredom-busting challenge if you’re feeling bored at home.

Each day, Alexia suggests an activity for you to do to help combat boredom, whether you’re on your spring break, doing virtual school or just missing regular after-school or weekend activities.

These activities were inspired by some tips and tricks shared by Muyingo, as well as some fun trends on social media.

Watch the video here, or keep reading for some highlights:

Day 1: Make a positivity jar

Fill an empty jar (or any container) with ideas of fun things you want to do once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

What you’ll need:

Alexia Sabau placing an idea for a post-pandemic activity into her own positivity jar.

Alexia made her own positivity jar and filled it with post-pandemic activities like having friends over for celebrations and getting to meet her fellow CBC Kids News contributors in person. (Image credit: Alexia Sabau/CBC)

Day 2: Make up your own ‘random object game’

Assign a random object to each of your family members and challenge them to create an original game with it.

What you’ll need:

Day 3: Start a feelings journal

Keep a daily journal of how you’re feeling to help you label your emotions. You might even find it’s not boredom you’re feeling after all!

What you’ll need:

Day 4: Do a movie workout

Turn on your favourite movie and assign easy workout moves (like jumping jacks or sit-ups) to specific words or actions that characters say or do throughout the film.

What you’ll need:

Alexia Sabau and her brother, Max, doing a movie workout at home.

Alexia invited her younger brother, Max, to join her for a movie workout. They watched the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Max may have regretted agreeing to do this. (Image credit: Alexia Sabau/CBC)

Day 5: Practise mindfulness

Find somewhere quiet to sit and focus on your surroundings. Silently in your mind, or quietly to yourself, identify five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, one thing you can taste.

What you’ll need:

Day 6: Spill the tea on the family tree

Sit down with your family members and try to trace your family tree as far back as you can. Try to collect one interesting fact about each relative.

What you’ll need:

Day 7: Make a vision board

Gather some items that represent good memories, as well goals or wishes you have for your future. Use these items to create a display for your bedroom.

What you’ll need:

Day 8: Host a Zoom bakeoff with friends

Make your next Zoom call with friends extra fun by challenging everyone to a bakeoff. Select a theme for the baked items you will create, and have fun baking and judging the items on camera with one another!

What you’ll need:

Alexia Sabau baking while on a virtual call with her friends.

Alexia’s tip for doing a virtual bakeoff even if you’re not the best baker: ‘Just make it look good!’ (Image credit: Alexia Sabau/CBC)

Day 9: Do a closet purge

Spend some time today looking through your closet and getting rid of any clothing items you no longer wear.

As a bonus: you can take those items to your local donation bin.

What you’ll need:

Alexia Sabau looking through her closet.

You need to toss out negativity when trying to beat boredom. Speaking of tossing things out, try getting rid of clothing items you no longer wear. (Image credit: Alexia Sabau/CBC)

Day 10: Have a fancy picnic

Treat yourself to a good, old-fashioned, fancy picnic! Grab your favourite snacks and find a nice spot outdoors (or indoors, if it’s cold) to lay a picnic blanket.

What you’ll need:

We also have a calendar you can download and print to help you keep track of each daily activity. Click here to download it.

A calendar for the 10-day boredom busting challenge.

Download this visual guide for the 10-day boredom busting challenge! (Image credit: Allison Cake/CBC)

Check out the video for Part 2 of our Boredom 101 series to follow along with Alexia as she tries the activities in the 10-day boredom-busting challenge.

TOP IMAGE CREDIT: Graphic design by Philip Street/CBC

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