Why people are suddenly talking about Wario’s nipples

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-08-23 14:19

Does he have them or not?

You probably have two nipples.

Or maybe you have one — or three. Or none. (Athelia is a rare condition where kids are born with one or no nipples at all.)

Our bodies: no two are alike, and that’s truly awesome.

In the world of video games, however, a lot of people want their Mario and Sonic universe characters to have two noticeable nipples.

That’s right.

When footage from a new trailer for Sega’s Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 came out this week, fans asked: “Hey, where the heck are Wario’s nipples?”

Here’s how we got here.

Twitter user AntDude92 posted a screenshot from the game trailer.

A tweet featuring the image of Dr. Eggman and Wario on a podium in a new Sega game for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Immediately, people wanted answers.

A Twitter user asks where Wario's nipples are in the trailer for Sega's new game

Some were looking for justice and nipples for all. Free the nipple, they more or less were saying.

A Twitter user asks where Wario's nipples are in the trailer for Sega's new game

Upon closer inspection, one Twitter user noticed that Wario actually does have faint, almost see-through nipples.

A twitter user zooms in on the image to see Wario's nipples are there, but barely

It’s a lot of conversation about the anatomy of Wario, which, frankly, the original poster did not anticipate.

The original poster of the image is surprised by all of the talk of Wario's nipples

But this isn’t the first time this has happened.

In 2017, there was the Shirtless Mario scandal. For the first time in game play, Nintendo had showed Mario without a shirt, and some people were caught off guard by his nipples.

An image of Mario in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario playing on the beach in his swim trunks in Super Mario Odyssey. (Nintendo)

Some gamers weren’t sure they could function after seeing it.

A tweet about shirtless mario, a scandal from 2017

Others saw it as a sign that Mario had learned to accept his body, so they were proud of him.

A supportive tweet about shirtless mario, a scandal from 2017

Some went a step further and saw it as progress for Nintendo. One Twitter user remarked that Mario used to go to the beach fully dressed, in his overalls.

A supportive tweet about shirtless mario, a scandal from 2017

For some, the nipple is political, and bigger than a video game.

The Free the Nipple campaign, which started in 2012, was created to make it more acceptable for women to bare their nipples in public, should they wish to.

Not everyone agrees that women should have this option.

The basic idea for the campaign was that men can show their chests in public without consequence, while women are required to cover up.

The campaign argued that it should be both legally and culturally permissible for women to pull, essentially, a Shirtless Mario. 

But Sega has made no claims that they were making a political statement. So is it just a coincidence that gamers who look closely at things found the distinctly, barely-there nipples on Wario? Or could Sega be trying to create a Shirtless Mario of its own?

No matter the answer, the connection has been made.

A tweet connecting Wario's nipples to the Shirtless Mario scandal

What do you think? Is it weird for video game characters to look like you, nipples and all?

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