These #QuarantineCats are self-isolation masters

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2020-03-17 07:00

Turns out cats are pros when it comes to social distancing

Canadians may be worried about having to stay home because of the coronavirus, but their feline friends are taking self-isolation in stride.

In one of the latest Twitter trends, pet owners are posting self-isolation tips — from their cats.

So if you need some advice on social distancing and other coronavirus-related prevention measures, these #Quarantinecats have you covered.

Some of the top #Quarantinecat posts out there right now

To start, these two cats, Ripley and Cassie, are demonstrating how to maintain personal space.

Tweet from Jean Connell shows two cats, Ripley and Cassie, pictured curled up on opposite sides of the same couch with text - they understand the importance of social distancing.

Social distancing encourages people (or in this case, animals) to keep a safe distance from one another — but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Tweet from @zenziecoffman shows two cats, pictured here looking at each other from the windows of two separate houses with text If they can do it, you can do it.

Some of these furry friends have found some pretty clever hiding spots in order to keep away from others.

Tweet from @mantisbelle says A cat peering our from a inside a tiny brown paper bag with text: Mister Handsome understands the importance of social distancing.

Others are doing the opposite of social distancing, even though it’s not what’s recommended.

Tweet from Jet shows cat with an unimpressed face, licking a dog's head and text day three and I've decided to like the dog.

But it’s not all about staying away from others. This cat wants to remind its owner to stay clean and healthy.

Tweet from Patrick Karlson shows close up of cat sitting in sink with text Wash your hands, human.

But other cats have their own priorities, like making sure their owners are stocked up on essential treats.

Tweet from desbleedsteal shows close up of cat looking panicked with text Cricket requested that I panic buy his gravy treats.

But how will you pass the time during these self-isolation days?

Kevin is using the time to work on his selfie game — which, safe to say, needs some improvement.

Tweet from Matt Skywalker shows fuzzy pic of cat with phrase: Kevin is beginning to work on his selfie game. Not yet perfected.

Spot, meanwhile, is gearing up to keep up-to-date with his friends, despite not being able to see them in real life.

Tweet from Sydney shows cat using computer with phrase Spot is ready for social distancing and virtual hangouts.

Other cats are showing that even from home, you can still look professional and ready to take on the day.

Tweet from Munya shows cat in tie with text little bro is working from home and wanted his cat to look more professional.

And then there are cats like Princess who just can’t seem to understand what’s going on.

To be fair, there’s a lot happening right now — or make that not happening (#CancelEverything!)

Tweet from efrain jr. shows cat peeking around the corner with text Princess looking at me wondering why I'm still home and not at work.

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