The story behind this ‘magical fuzzy unicorn puppy’

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2019-11-14 16:45

Why have one tail when you can have two?

If an actual unicorn appeared out of the blue today, it would probably have to work pretty hard to get as many likes as Narwhal the puppy.

Everybody seems to be talking about the 10-week-old rescue dog with a tail-like appendage growing out of its forehead.

A story about the golden retriever was the top trending story on Google this morning in the U.S. and one of the top read stories in Canada, too.

Rochelle Steffen holds Narwhal the puppy in her hands.

Rochelle Steffen, who runs the organization that rescued Narwhal, calls him ‘the magical fuzzy unicorn puppy’ in some of her Facebook posts. (Tyler Graef/The Southeast Missourian/The Associated Press)

The puppy is currently living at a dog rescue organization in Jackson, Mo., called Mac’s Mission, which specializes in special needs animals.

The group’s founder, Rochelle Steffen, said she was bombarded with requests to adopt Narwhal soon after posting a photo of the little guy on social media.

Instagram post by macthepitbull shows photo of Narwhal with this message: Good morning from the magical Narwhally!

Narwhal was named after the kind of whale that has a tusk growing out of its forehead, but Steffen calls him “the magical fuzzy unicorn puppy” in some of her Facebook posts.

Steffen said the plan is to keep Narwhal at the rescue mission for now so they can be sure the puppy’s second tail — the one that’s on its forehead, of course — doesn’t grow too big for its face and cause problems.

For now, she said, the dog is perfectly healthy and doesn’t seem to notice the extra tail.

Xray image of Narwhal the puppy's head.

Mac’s Mission, the rescue organization that’s looking after Narwhal, said the tail on its forehead doesn’t appear to be attached to anything, which means it doesn’t wag. (@macthepitbull/Facebook)

On Facebook, Mac’s Mission staff said Narwhal’s forehead tail isn’t connected to anything and “has no real use other than making him the coolest puppy ever.”

Also, it doesn’t wag. Just in case you were wondering.

Veterinarian examines Narwhal the puppy.

Even though Narwhal is perfectly happy, his caretakers are going to wait to adopt him out until they’re sure the extra tail won’t cause any problems. (@macthepitbull/Facebook)

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