The perfect playlists to get you through physical distancing

Preeya Narcis
Story by Preeya Narcis • CBC Kids News • Published 2020-03-26 15:44

Yes, we included Don’t Stand So Close To Me

These are stressful times.

Adjusting our lives, staying in and watching the news can quickly get overwhelming.

Music is a great way to disconnect, slow down and absorb the good things in life — something we really need to do right now.

Some studies also show that music can also boost your memory, give you comfort and even help you sleep better.

I always have my headphones and I’m playing ALL kinds of music whether I’m studying, on the go, or just need to chill.

Music is also helping me while I’m physical distancing and spending less time with friends.

With help from my fellow RECAP Sidekicks, we had some fun putting together two playlists.

The RECAP sidekicks from left,  Sean Tran, Veena Yamano, Ariel Barrios, Preeya Narcis, Ethan Berkeley-Garcia and Saadia Zahra. (CBC)

Playlist No. 1: ‘Wordplay’

This one is a LITTLE less serious with classic wordplay songs that’ll remind you to keep your distance and stay healthy.

Note: This one is really just for the song titles. Check ‘em out and you’ll see why!

A playlist including the songs: You Sound Like You’re Sick by Ramones, , No Big Deal by Interpol, Corona by Minutemen, Wash Your Hands by Chompers, School's Out by Alice Cooper, Sickening Celebrities by Arnold Steele, Panic by The Smiths, Isolation by Joy Divison, Don't stand so close to me by The Police, Pandemic by Accept, I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

(Allison Cake/CBC)

Playlist No. 2 ‘Vibing’

This one has beats that are moving me and other sidekicks right now. It's definitely a vibe for anyone who is going a bit stir crazy.

Get up and dance! No matter what you're filling your day with, there's something here for you.

Wash your hands and hit play.

Playlist called Vibing: Famalay by Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano, and Bunji Garlin, Stressed out by 21 Pilots, Your Number by Ayo Jay, Con Calma by Daddy Yankee, Snow, Mama Said by Lukas Graham, Nurse's Office by Melanie Martinez, Rapture by Koffee, Superman by RuthAnne, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

(Allison Cake/CBC)

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