The internet can’t agree on what these are called — can you?

Story by CBC Kids News • 2019-07-29 16:54

It’s the war of the doughnuts

When a traditional doughnut is made — with its signature hole — the piece of dough that is cut out isn’t typically wasted.

It is baked or fried into a tiny ball of sweet, delicious flavour. And this little treat has a lot of fans.

Except those fans can’t agree on one thing.

It’s not whether chocolate is better than plain glazed or birthday cake or sour cream glazed.

What they are up in arms about is the name of this ball of yum.

Twitter user nctreplay asks quick what do you call these with a photo of doughnut holes

A Twitter user shared a picture of doughnuts in a box and she asked: “quick what do you call these?”

Many Canadians very swiftly said Timbits, but not all agreed.

a debate between Canadians about whether doughnut holes are called Timbits or Robins Eggs

That’s because a “Timbit” from Tim Hortons and a “Robin’s Egg” from Robin’s are names created by brands for something more generic — doughnut holes.

How you refer to one of these cakey balls in Canada really depends on where you go to grab a doughnut.

So, whichever side you are on in this Canadian war over doughnuts, you’re not wrong.

This isn’t just a Canadian food fight, though.

People in the United States might call them “Munchkins” because that is what Dunkin Donuts decided to call them.

A twitter user says munchkins correct answer

In India, there are desserts made from milk solids that look similar, which is why some Twitter users thought they were badly made Galub Jamun.

A Twitter user guesses that the doughnut holes are badly made galub jamuns

And a popular dessert in New Orleans is a beignet, so that’s another name several Twitter users put out there.

A Twitter user guesses the doughnut holes are beignets

It’s unclear where people call doughnut holes “donut spheres,” we’ll just leave this (below) here.

A Twitter user guesses the doughnut holes are called doughnut spheres

At the end of the day, a doughnut is a doughnut is a doughnut.

Whether it has a hole, or is a hole. Whether it’s cream-filled or jam-filled. Whether it’s a tiny nugget or a giant glazed beast.

And that’s the hole story.

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