Teen serves up food waste petition

Story by CBC Kids News • 2018-10-16 15:30

Calling for a law to force supermarkets to donate all unsold food

Why are supermarkets throwing food away when so many Canadians are going hungry?

That’s the question a 17-year-old from Kelowna, B.C., is asking today — on World Food Day.

Justin Kulik travelled to Ottawa to put the question directly to Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay.

Kulik brought a petition with him signed by almost 170,000 people.

Tweet says 17 year old petition starter has just delivered 165k signatures to Minister asking him to end food waste in Canada. Photo shows teen in suit standing in front of Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

The petition calls for an “anti-food waste law.”

A law like that would mean supermarkets have to donate any good food they can’t sell to charities like food banks.

A similar law exists in Quebec and France.

In an email, MacAulay said he agreed that food waste is a significant issue.

He said the federal government has been thinking about the problem as it works on a new food policy for the country.

“In Canada, we have to produce more food, we have to produce safe food, we have to make sure food is distributed properly around the country,” he said.

“Food waste is a part of that work.”

Tweet from Lawrence MacAulay reads this morning I sat down with Justin Kulik to commend him for getting over 160,000 signatures on his petition to end food waste - great job, Justin! Picture shows Justin in a suit next to two men in suits in front of a bookshelf.


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