Teen got 50K followers by jumping like a horse

CBC Kids News • Published 2020-10-07 06:00

Albertan featured in new book

In a world full of influencers, how do you stand out?

Jump out.

That’s what 17-year-old Ava Vogel is doing with some straight up barnyard behaviour: jumping like a horse.

The Edmonton teen has been jumping like a horse for six years now, garnering more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and securing her own page in the latest Ripley's Believe It or Not! book.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is an American business that sells products and experiences at theme parks, museums and aquariums, based on weird and wacky stuff.

A whole page is dedicated to Edmonton’s Ava Vogel in the most recent edition of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book. (Image credit: Mind Blown/Ripley Entertainment Inc.)

How it all started

Ava taught herself to jump like a horse when she was 11 by studying horses and practising a lot.

“I would look at actual videos of horses, and I rode horses myself, so I figured out how the horse moved and I would transfer that over to the human skeleton,” Ava told CBC’s Radio's Edmonton AM last week.


Ava said that it took daily training and stretching to strengthen her muscles so that she could make the jumps safely and avoid wrist injury when landing. (Image credit: CBC)

An online community of horse jumpers

Ava said she first got into the hobby after seeing other girls doing it online, and was struck by how unique and fun it looked.

“It's a great upper-body workout and I've made so many friends all across the world over the internet. It's a whole little community of us out there.”

The trend’s viral roots date back to a YouTube video from seven years ago titled Jumping like a horse, Anna Salander, which features a 10-year-old jumping like a horse over bars of different heights.

The original viral video of the girl who jumped like a horse has more than 3 million views. (Image credit: Gunnel Henricsson/YouTube)

Last year, a Norwegian girl named Ayla Kirstine got more than 8 million views on a video she uploaded of her jumping like a horse.

Ava said that she’s aware of how strange her talent is, but focuses on the love rather than the hate online.

“Some people think it's very unique and interesting, and they support me, and a lot of people think it's very weird and strange, which I can certainly understand.”

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TOP PHOTO CREDIT: (__jumping.like.a.horse__/Instagram)

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