Taddy the cat is the extreme sports star we need right now

Story by CBC Kids News • 2020-05-06 06:00

This week’s viral smile will get you meow-tivated

Have you ever wondered why some online videos end up going viral?
CBC Kids News decided to dig a little deeper to find out how it happened.

Being stuck at home and bored can lead to some pretty creative ideas — but we never imagined this.

Meet Taddy, the snowskating cat.

What’s snowskating?

It's a hybrid of skateboarding and snowboarding where you use a deck, without wheels or bindings, to perform skateboard-like tricks in the snow.

And Taddy is clearly an expert.

Taddy cat slides down snowy hill on skateboard deck with no wheels.

In the video, Taddy the cat hops on the board, flattens its ears, sticks out its tail and goes for a ride. (Smagical/YouTube)

How did this happen?

The man behind Taddy's social media presence is U.S. mountain biker Phil Smage.

Smage put Taddy, his tabby cat, on a skateboard to see what would happen, and the answer is — a lot!

Taddy cat rides on plastic rail.

U.S. mountain biker Phil Smage made this track, but his cat does the tricks. (Smagical/YouTube)

On April 21, Smage posted a highlight reel of Taddy in action on his YouTube channel, called Smagical.

It showed the fur-midable feline snowskating off hills, jumps, halfpipes, rails and even past dogs and goats.

Is this a skatepark or a petting zoo?

Taddy cat sits on board as dog and goat swing by for a closer look.

In the video, Walter the dog sniffs Taddy the cat as Gary the goat looks on. (Smagical/YouTube)

Taddy is also seen happily rolling around in the snow, making Taddy a very cool cat.

According to the video description, the video is set to a custom theme song called Hustle to Meowtivate by artist Ande Burman, a.k.a. AndE.

Good luck getting the song out of your head!


Two weeks after being posted on YouTube, Taddy’s video had already racked up more than 660,000 views.

Of course, there is now a Taddy Instagram account, called taddyskates, which features more of the pawesome critter’s stunts — as well shots of Taddy just lounging around like a normal cat.

Instagram post by taddy skates shows taddy cat getting scratched under the chin with caption: Ahhh. Not sure what I like better... the feeling I get from being the first cat in the world to land a certain trick or the feeling of celebratory smagical scratches after the trick!

Want more Taddy? You won’t have to wait long.

The video’s caption promises part two and a behind-the-scenes video “coming soon.”

In the meantime, stay meow-tivated!

Top photo: (Philip Street, Smagical/YouTube)

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