Tackling the problem of plastic waste

Isabelle MacNeil
Story by Isabelle MacNeil • CBC Kids News • Published 2018-10-04 05:18

Seven countries met in Halifax, N.S. to discuss solutions. Contributor Isabelle MacNeil was there.

Most of us use plastic every day.

Toys, food containers, and toothbrushes are just some of the things we use that are made out of plastic.

Plastic is important, but it’s also creating a huge problem in the environment, specifically, in our oceans.

Canada hosted the G7 meeting on climate change in Halifax, N.S. last month to bring together people who want to help find solutions to clean up marine plastic litter.

What’s the G7?

It’s a group of seven of the wealthiest countries in the world: Canada, the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., Italy and Japan.

They come together regularly to help solve some of the big problems in the world.

Leaders from those countries met in Halifax last week to come up with ways to reduce plastic litter in our oceans.

CBC Kids News contributor Isabelle MacNeil was there.

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Isabelle MacNeil
Isabelle MacNeil
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