Spy on some Canadian critters with these animal cams

CBC Kids News • Published 2018-12-24 08:00

The secret lives of pandas, penguins and polar bears

It’s like going to the zoo, without ever leaving the couch.

Here’s a list of websites to check out if you want to watch Canadian animals live on camera.

Panda cam

You can watch four giant pandas at play thanks to the Calgary Zoo’s PandaCam.

The three cameras — one outside and two inside the enclosure— are on every day from 9 a.m. MT to 6 p.m. MT.

Panda sits on a wooden deck munching bamboo.

Pandas eat bamboo, play and relax on the Calgary Zoo’s PandaCam. (PandaCam/Calgary Zoo)

Beluga cam

Cameras above and below the water capture beluga whales socializing in the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Man.

The cameras, which are attached to a boat, only operate in the summer, but video highlights are posted year-round.

Beluga whale swims right up to the camera.

Sometimes you can hear the belugas chirping on Polar Bear International’s underwater camera. (Explore/Polar Bear International)

Penguin cam

The Vancouver Aquarium has a few animal cams on the go, including:

Penguins huddle up close to the camera.

African penguins get up close and personal with the PenguinCam at the Vancouver Aquarium. (Ozolio/Vancouver Aquarium)

There’s even a function on the Vancouver Aquarium’s cameras that allows you to take a snapshot of what you see on your screen.

Small jellyfish glow blue purple and white in the black water.

Spotted jellyfish glow blue, purple and white in the underwater lights at the Vancouver Aquarium. (Ozolio/Vancouver Aquarium)

Bison cam

You can watch bison gather near a watering hole in Grasslands National Park near the village of Val Marie, Sask.

When there are no animals to see, the website posts recent highlights.

A brown bison stands alone in a wide open plain.

Bison kick up dust on the Canadian prairies on this web camera in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. (Explore/Parks Canada).

Parks Canada has also set up a camera near the park’s black-tailed prairie dog colony.

Close-up on a prairie dog standing on its hind legs in the grass.

When they aren’t in their underground burrows, black-tailed prairie dogs are caught on camera at Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. (Explore/Parks Canada)

Polar bear cam

Use this camera to visit a sanctuary for orphaned and rescued polar bears in Cochrane, Ont.

Two polar bears rub noses in the snow.

Bears sleep, eat and play in the snow on the polar bear cams at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat in northeastern Ontario. (EarthCam/Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat)

Sea Lion Cam

This animal camera captures sleepy sea lions resting in a heap on Hanson Island in B.C.

A bunch of sea lions sleep on top of each other in a big pile.

Watch and listen to these sea lions roar for the camera (when they aren’t sleeping) on Hanson Island, B.C. (Explore/Orcalab)

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