#StayHomeChallenge highlights creativity during coronavirus outbreak

Story by CBC Kids News • 2020-03-19 12:30

People are getting innovative

Social distancing and self-isolation might be the right thing to do in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak — but, man, can it ever be boring!

In one of the latest Twitter trends, people are using the #StayHomeChallenge to find inventive ways to make the long days at home a little more interesting.

Getting experimental

Some have been using their time at home to figure out innovative ways to entertain themselves.

Such as this experiment involving pop and a Mentos candy.

Tweet from Christo Thurston says stay at home challenge all by oneself might result in this... image shows older woman watching as Diet Coke fizzes over the top of the bottle.

If you’re a whiz at arts and crafts, why not make yourself a little sock puppet?

Tweet from Lesiba Lediga says 5 days into self quarantine and shows sock puppet positioned in front of window to look like it's eating cars.

Or work on a coronavirus-themed make-up challenge.

Tweet from flackitsman says when you've got no mask supply, we paint! And shows woman with painted on mask.

Getting sporty with a twist

Of course, you can still go outside if you aren’t sick, as long as you stay two arm-lengths away from other people, and follow the other social distancing guidelines.

Tweet from Phoenix says I couldn't stay home challenge so I went to the Ngong hills with photos of woman in wide open outdoor space.

That said, you’re probably getting more indoor time than you’re used to.

If that’s the case, take inspiration from these #StayHomeChallenge athletes.

These two South Africans found a creative way to keep up their tennis training.

Tweet from Khay Ghee said Italian open 2020 preview and shows two guys playing tennis out the window.

Since people began stockpiling, toilet paper has been a rarity on store shelves in some places.

But if you can find it, it can make for great soccer practice.

Tweet from Westham United Women says no football no problem and shows woman dribbling a toilet paper roll like a soccer ball.

And don't forget to look to your friendly neighbourhood #QuarantineCats for more tips on staying busy.

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