Should beauty filters be banned? Tell us why or why not

Story by CBC Kids News • 2021-09-20 13:15

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Should beauty filters on social media be banned?

That’s the question of the week.

We’ve all seen those fun filters — filters that make you age 50 years, others that turn you into an animal and even some that make you look like your favourite pop star.

But what about those more subtle filters? Ones that fix a blemish, give you radiant skin, bigger eyes or a sleeker face, all while preserving the underlying you?

In the world of social media, where it’s easy to compare yourself to others, filters that spruce up your selfie can be tempting, but some experts say it’s a slippery slope.

According to a recent study by Dove Canada, 37 per cent of girls feel they don’t look good enough without photo filtering or editing.

And experts say that this reliance on filters can negatively affect self-esteem and mental health.

But that’s just the gist. Before answering our weekly question, make sure to check out the video below so you’ve got the full scoop.

So, why or why not?

Should beauty filters be banned? 

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