Send us your ‘How it started, How it’s going’ memes

Story by CBC Kids News • 2021-03-09 14:20

Use the template below

Remember a year ago when schools were closing?

We thought we had scored extra vacation time to bake bread and make tie-dye sweatsuits.

We’ve since learned so much about physical distancing, wearing masks and herd immunity.

As mid-March quickly approaches, so does one year since COVID-19 changed our lives.

On Friday March 12, CBC Kids News will be hosting a livestream called “COVID-19: One year later.”

During the special, host Saara Chaudry will look at highlights and trends from the past year as well as what the next year could hold.

We will bust some myths about COVID-19, talk to experts and check in with a celeb or two.

We’re inviting you to participate by telling us how you felt when it all started versus how you feel now.

Use our template to show us it started and how it’s going.

Here is one CBC Kids News contributor Saara submitted:

girl with cracked hands poses in a surprised way after using too much hand sanitizer

Some of the memes submitted will be included in our special, shared on our website and our Instagram account.

Download this template and copy and paste your own images into the empty boxes to create your own “How it started. How it’s going” meme:

Get creative!

Whether you’re buried under a pile of laundry or talking to your dog, show us your best memes.

Please send us your memes by Thursday, March 11 at


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